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Safety Management

We specialize in production and operation of baby products, so the safety management is the most important and the basis for other work. We spare no pains to do the following:

1)     The safety management system of company is based on “principle of people oriented, safety first and precaution foremost, ensuring the life safety of personnel and property safety of company”.
2)     The company establishes a permanent safety leading group in the charge of general manager, organizes  special qualified safety management personnel to make sure the safety work organization carries out the relevant safety production work.                                                                                        

3).    Carries out regular and irregular safety inspection to ensure that the equipments, safety devices and protection facilities are in good condition, and timely repairs and rectifies problem which identified.
4).    Sets operational safety standards and provides appropriate supervision of standard to workers.

Safety Meeting
Safety Inspection
Fair Drill


Through sound operating activities, in order to enrich the employees' life, achieve their dreams, ensure their safety, and improve the efficiency of safe operation and working environment, the Company has :