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Product Development

One of Item's recent services is to provide rapid prototyping and short runs of molded plastic parts in relatively short times and at low cost. This allows customers to quickly have products made from the correct materials for in-house or consumer testing. Item has also built up a fairly comprehensive complement of certified testing equipment, to enable us to carry out most types of validation testing within our facily.



Engineering Team

To maintain our competitive edge in the ODM market, Item has carefully built and continues to develop an excellent in-house engineering team. For 3D and 2D mechanical, electronic, and sustaining engineering, we stand ready to be your partner in the successful development and production of your products.

In tandem with our strong engineering department, a dedicated Project Management team is assigned to work with you from the product development stage through the ramp to mass production. Once successful mass production is in process we focus on process improvements and sustaining engineering.

To assure that there are no communication gaps, our Project Managers have direct contact with our customers at all times. Communication is very open, honest, and complete.

For efficient and effective communication, Item Industries employs advanced web/live communications methods for file transfer and sharing, and frequent use of teleconferencing and video conferencing.



 Prototyping and Tooling

Rapid Prototyping
As a value-added service to our customers, Item Industries also provides rapid prototyping and short runs of molded plastic parts in relatively short times, at low cost. This allows our customers to have products made quickly for in-house or consumer testing. 

Rapid Tooling
Test Molds and Rapid Tooling have become quite popular with our customers, as they can be used to test their designs, as well as allow for pilot batch production quickly for marketing campaigns and customer preference studies.

Export Tooling
Another service that we have found increasingly popular is for Item to produce the tooling for export to customers. Our customers have found that they can save 20-50% on tooling costs by having us manufacture the tools in China and then ship to them. With our rapid turnaround and accuracy of the tooling, we are able to deliver the molds faster, with higher quality, much less expensively.