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Quality Management

To ensure the product quality, the Company has specific funds for supplemental testing equipment and device yearly.  To further enhance and achieve the Quality Control System, the Company has also set up the QC Dept., which is operated by specialized technician to carry out random inspection on every production procedure and to avoid from defective product.

Quality Policy

We deliver safe products with superior quality and service on time, and achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and meticulous attention to detail.



Testing Capabilities

Item has heavily invested in people, plant and equipment to increase its testing capabilities.  the QE Laboratory more than doubled its capacity, moving to new, purpose-designed facilities; at the same time, the actual testing capabilities have been enhanced by the acquisition of additional test equipment, which provides Item with the in-house capability to provide testing which had previously been performed by outside vendors. These moves have resulted in more rapid and cost-effective test reports being made available to internal and external customers.