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Product Information
Mom Cow series NY300-1
Place Dongguan,China
Material Food grade silicone
Color Pink
Volume 300ml/10oz
Size 8*21cm
Weight 230g


Specification & Details
Colour:  Pink/Blue/Yellow
Feature:  Soft material emulates breast feeding
Age 0~3 month/ 3~6 month/ Above 6 month
Safty:  free of BPA, phthalates, & PVC, non-toxic, lead-free
Temperature:  High/low temperature resistant from -60 to +200 degree
Features: (1) Food grade silicone material,colorless,odorless,nontoxic
(2) High transparence and good anti tear strenght
(3) Good rebound property when babies sucking
(4) Breast-like nipple encourages babies to open the mouth and feel as
(5) The nipple make of 100% liquid silicone nipple rubber , more sofe and clear
(1)BV manufacturer
(2)Silicone baby products leader and developer
(3)100% food grade silicone
(4)Own baby brand in China
(5)BV,SGS,LFGB,FDA,EN,ECC,AP,GB certification
(6)Full experience in silicone products