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Product Information


  • Wide neck.
  • Volume: 140ml/5oz
  • With Cloud design emboss on bottle.
  • With peristaltic silicone nipple
  • With handle for easy catch. (option:without handle is available).
  • With our patent silicone straw
  • Logo: 1 color printing with client' logo on bottle.
  • Gently squeeze fir easy latch on.
  • Advanced anti-colic airflow system
  • BPA-, latex- and PVC-free


Product Structure & Material:

  • Bottle: Wide diameter design,convenient to fill,easy to wash. The soft bottle can create a vacuum effect inside bottle; it's unbreakable and easy to hold.  The bottle made of 100% food grade liquid silicone. heat-resistant to 200°C, sterilizable.
  • Nipple:  Made of 100% food grade liquid silicone as the bottle. heat-resistant to 200°C. sterilizable.Well designed according to breasts, softe and natural.  We have size of S. M. L indicates the frequency of air flow.  also have Round sucking pore and cross cut sucking pore for silicone nipple.
  • Straw:  Silicone patent straw or silicone Pressure plate. it for negative pressure and air bubbles.
  • Twist Cap:  Polypropylene,heat-resistant to 120°C  sterilizable.
  • Bottle Cap: P,heat-resistant to 120 °C  sterilizable .



  • Safe silicone material,colorless,odorless,nontoxic,high and low temperature resistant 50~200°,sterilizable,ametabolic,keep fresh.
  • Measure up to SGS and QS standard,mantain baby health.
  • Unique skidproof design for comfortable and secure grip.
  • Wide diameter for  easier cleaning and filling.
  • Wide nipple bottom, natural feeding as breasts to baby.
  • The nipple has automatic air flowing hole to adjust the flow of milk and prevent the baby from sucking excessive air,reduce the phenomenon of flatus,disgorge and hiccup.
  • Unbreakable design for outdoor use.
  • Preservation method: Away from the fire source ,avoid contact with sharp objects.



(1): Sterilize before using boiling water and store in a clean and safe place to mantain the health of your baby.

(2): Please don't spin the twist cap too tight or too loose to prevent leakage of milk.

(3): Check the bottle and the nipple frequently. Replace immediately if any crevice or scratch is detected.




-  Passed FDA, LFGB, EEC, CE, BPA free etc. testing by SGS 


StandardQ/YLJGX 8-2009

Comply with the stipulation of GB 4806.2-1994.

Comply with the stipulation of FDA CFR 177.2600

Comply with the stipulation of 93/11/EEC  AND 2002/72/EC


Patent No.: 200910036599.3

Appearance Design Patent No.: 200930069484.5(bottle A)

Appearance Design Patent No.: 200930069485.X(bottle B)